GTL Register Record Phone Calls Amid Speculation about the High Cost of Calling the Imprisoned

During the 90s, inmates could place and receive calls to/from loved ones and lawyers at rates similar to those outside the prison walls. Today, the prison communication is a sophisticated industry hosting a few private companies that manage phone calls in state jails and prisons in all the 50 states, making $1.2 billion-a-year profit. These companies manage to do this by setting

Get Your Buzz on at The Best Ski Resorts in California

Strap a pair of boards to your feet, let a motorized couch suspended on a wire lift you to the top of a cold mountain, then try not to fall as you slide back down to the base, avoiding others doing the same around you. Repeat.

They call this "skiing," and it's all the rage at several resorts around Lake Tahoe.

Here's a guide to some of the best:

Bernardo Chua Awarded In The Philippines

Early last year, Bernardo Chua made quite a special trip to Manila, Philippines. The main aim of the trip was to attend an awards ceremony at the Hemady Square. Together with two members of his team, Bernardo Chua received some important Dangal ng Bayan Awards during the events. His brand, Organo Gold was not left out in the awards. The brand was awarded two People Choice Awards.

Drivers in England Can’t Smoke if Children are Passengers

Starting October 1st drivers can no longer smoke in their cars if they have passengers under the age of 18. The law is designed to protect children, but it certainly has smokers blowing smoke over the ban.

Woman Makes Luxury Cruise Ship Her Home

Lee Wachtstetter and her husband loved taking cruises together. Lee estimates that when he was alive they must have taken around 90 cruise vacations together. When Lee Wachtstetter's husband Mason passed away he told her, "Don't stop cruising". Well, Lee has taken his advice to heart.

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Back Pain at North American Spine

North American Spine specializes in minimally invasive procedures that provide maximum relief from pain. In every interaction with a patient, North American Spine is guided by the philosophy that what is best for the patient is the goal, even if it leads the patient to other treatments.

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